Hustler says...Carli's proud of her brains, but tired of the prejudice that goes along with them. "Not all smart girls are frigid prudes," Carli says, closing her novel and opening her legs. "Most of us love fucking just as much as ditsy sluts do." We no Hustler raises eye brows , "I even got a tattoo on my butt just so the cool guys that aren't afraid to approach me know that I'm a bad girl the moment I take my clothes off...Hustler says wanna see?"
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Hustler from Larry Flynt, is a mega pornographic magazine, that started way back in 1974.
Hustler back then was, a run off for advertising for Flynt's large strip clubs.
It grew very quickly, to a huge magazine of few million keen to get a look at hot naked girls .
It was one of the first, pornographic magazines let lose, in the States and to show, explicit photos of naked bodys.
Hustler magazine today, is one of the most popular magazines, of the century with many young males reading its fine pages.
With mostly a male following, as Hustler deals in naked girls, im sure it will remain the popular magazines of all time.
Most males turn to Hustler, to veiw the sexy girls with little to nothing on, and every month comes a new naked body! from HUSTLER mag.