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The sparkle in her bright blue eyes, The way she wears her hair. I could say so much more, the list would never end to any guy when it involved naked girls. Especially me, I had fallen in love with looking at naked girls on the net. Their beauty is beyond all beauty and in my eyes they are the best thing on the web!. The only thing that stood in the way of me looking at naked chicks is my wife. Im was just a poor pathetic fool who works, cleaning mansions, gardening, cooking meals and shopping. I didn't know whether or not my wife knew I was in love with naked babes but I didn't care, just as long as she looked at me once during the day I would be happy. I dared not let her know how I felt about nude pics I would loose my job, and my head aswell. I respected my wife very much an did not wish to disturb the peace of our marriage.
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One day, I was walking in the door, behind the wall where my computer sits i seen my wife. The expression across her face overwhelmed me, I knew couldn't help myself, she had found all the naked female photos i had stored . When I approached her she smiled at me as if she knew what I was going to do. I handed her the paper and she smiled once again but this time whispering in a sweet, husky, almost unbearable voice "Thankyou." She then turned to me and asked what are all the nude pictures about. I looked around me and saw that the she was standing up on her tip toes staring at us in a slight disbelief, A disbelief in what, at that point i knew all my naked girls pic had to go and now, but I sure as hell wasn't going to stand around with my wife their and remove them all no way!. I rushed off away from the wife as fast as I could, as I was running, up the stairs. At that moment I thought to myself "oh, how I wish I could touch her and feel her long, Blonde, wavey hair." but that's all it was to be, Later on that night I was walking through the house and heard some voices coming from further down the hall way. I got curious so I decided to go and check it out. It was my wife and her friend looking at my computer again this time i was in big trouble !... I slowly walked over and asked what are you doing ?, my wife replied looking at your stash of naked girls, some of these girls are hot!. I looked at my wife and her friend, with a blank look on my face, I so can I keep them then ? she said softly YES, you can you old After that day i never had to worrie about my naked pictures again ...the wife didn't mind at all lol.
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